Will the iPad revolutionize fiction?

With all they hype surrounding the iPad, it’s likely that this has been touched on already. If so, I apologize. I was thinking the other day about the potential for this device to completely change the way the world digests fiction.

Here’s what I mean.

If you’re not familiar with J.C. Hutchins, he wrote a book a short while ago called Personal Effects: Dark Art. If you haven’t read it, go get it now…it’s a great read. (Incidentally, read everything he’s written. Once you do, you’ll understand why this post makes me so sad!)

I won’t go into the whole plot, but I will say that this book is a thriller that is more an experience than a book. Long before Dan Brown put a phone number connected to an answering service in his most recent book, JC wrote a book that sent out out of the pages of the book to phone number, websites and even included materials within the book to help spread the story outside the pages.

You could follow the clues to various other places that would deepen the story much more than if you simply read the book.

It’s these types of experiences that lead me to believe that the iPad could revolutionize the way we consume fiction. Instead of reading about a website and having to put down the book to go check it out for the story, you can tap and see it right there. Or bring up a photo or audio or video file. Or maybe someday even tap and have your nearby iPhone dial a phone number.

I think that the iPad and similar devices have the opportunity to revitalize the world of fiction reading and expand it into a fiction experience. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Will the iPad revolutionize fiction?