Is this the future of TV advertising?

I was watching this season’s first episode of Wipeout the other night. (Incidentally, if you’re not watching this show, you should check it out)

Since I was watching on a DVR, I was about to fast forward a commercial when they did something I had never seen before. They were going to commercial and said, “Stay tuned during the commercials for some never before seen Wipeout footage.” Then, halfway through the ads there were a few clips that hadn’t been on the show.

Is this the next attempt of TV advertisers to hang on to some sort of relevance?

Will we see more shows putting outtakes, unseen footage, or even essential plot elements in the middle of ads in an effort to keep people watching? Do you think it’ll work?

By the way, I just fast forwarded to the clip, watched it and fast forwarded the rest of the ads.

Is this the future of TV advertising?