When "aggressive marketing" really means spam?

Recently I heard of an industry competitor planning some “aggressive marketing campaigns” that would be launching today. They did, in fact launch, but not in the “aggressive” fashion that I expected.

What the person telling me meant was not an aggressive marketing strategy, but an expanded strategy.

Reach or spam?

To me, when someone tells me that there is an aggressive campaign coming, it means that they are going to the edge. Maybe they’re targeting a competitor and really going after them. Aggressive means they are taking some chances and pushing the envelope.

What they meant was they are getting aggressive and putting out a lot of marketing. Ads, banners, web ads, you name it. They’re getting aggressive by making sure you can’t turn around without seeing them…whether you want to or not.

How is that different than spam?

If you’re going to “get aggressive,” then get aggressive. Call out a competitor. Showcase your advantages. Try something new or different. Take a chance.

Don’t just churn out more crap marketing and call it aggressive. If you believe that’s the way to succeed, then I’ve got an email explaining how you can claim an inheritance in India.

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When "aggressive marketing" really means spam?

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