What I want from Amazon’s Kindle

So, by now, everyone has heard the buzz about the Kindle 2. In fact, now there’s even rumors of Kindle 3. (Gotta love the life cycle of technology!)

Take this for what you will, since I’ve never even played with a Kindle, let alone owned one.

I think the concept of having it read to you is great. Sure, it doesn’t replace audio books, but it’s still a pretty interesting feature – especially when you take it from the standpoint of a person with vision impairment.

What I would really like goes to the heart of how I read a non-fiction (usually business) book. When I read, I do so with a highlighter firmly in hand. I mark up passages, thoughts, concepts that resonate with me. Then, even though I’m WAY behind, I like to pull those highlighted sections out and summarize the book somewhere for easy reference. This allows me to smash concepts from different books together and hopefully come up with ideas.

So, what I’d really like from the Kindle goes to that practice. I know you can “highlight” sections of a book…and this has supposedly gotten easier on Kindle 2. I would love it if, once you finish a book, you can connect the Kindle to the computer and have it create a document for you that sets a chapter title as a heading and then list all the highlighted sections for that chapter below the heading. Almost like an automated outlining tool.

I don’t know if it already does something like that, but I know I’d buy one right now if it did!

Edit (3/2/09): Apparently I didn’t look around enough before I wrote this. According to a few posts (like this one) it seems that you can already do most of this with the Kindle. Ok, now I’m interested!

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What I want from Amazon’s Kindle

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