I think I understand why Kodak is in trouble

It’s not the fact that film is on its last leg.

It’s not the fact that digital is taking over the world.

It’s not even the fact that their products are worse than anyone else.

It’s their service.

I called yesterday to get some help with a printer. I went through all the steps to troubleshoot myself before calling. I even got an email from them saying that it wasn’t something I could fix myself. The email gave a number to me to call with a code for a replacement or repair.

I called, went through the process with the rep, but stopped short of actually getting a solution because I wasn’t in front of my printer so I couldn’t give him the service number that was printed on the printer.

He said to call back tomorrow (now today) with the number and my shipping address and they would get it taken care of.

So, I called today, believing that this would be a quick process…give them the number, my address, done.

My mistake.

After going through basically the same process with the new rep as the one yesterday, he said they would send me a new printer with a new print head. Then came the address. After no less than six repetitions  he had my address.

Then he asked for a credit card. Mind you, this was at the 27 minute mark. And, it was for a product of THEIRS that was broken. So, I asked why they needed a credit card. He said that it was in case I didn’t return the old printer.

I said I would prefer not to give them a credit card, so he went to check with his supervisor what to do. No lie, 20 MINUTES LATER he came back on the line. No checking in during the long hold, nothing. Just waiting for another 20 minutes…to tell me that I had to send the old one back first.

So, fed up, I said I’d give him my credit card just to get this over with. I said I’d like to use a Discover. The reply – “Is that a Mastercard or Visa?” No, it’s a Discover, do you take it? “Let me check with my manager.”

Another 6 minutes on hold.

No, they don’t take Discover. Fine, here’s my MasterCard number….six times to get THAT right after repeating it over and over.

Then, “I’m going to go confirm this with my manager.” Another five minutes.

Total call time – 59:17…to get a replacement for their crappy product that broke.

Epson is looking pretty good right now!

I think I understand why Kodak is in trouble