New Jersey Nets and – long lost siblings?

I think the New Jersey Nets are making a great move here.

They are giving away 300 tickets per game for 5 different home games over the next two months to people who are unemployed. In these economic times, that’s a great gesture from an industry that many consider to be frivolous and irresponsible with money.

Then, they go further.

The people who get the tickets also give the Nets a copy of their resume. Then, “the NBA team plans to send the resumes to its 120 corporate sponsors and a couple hundred firms that own season tickets.”


Those are the things that companies need to be thinking about. Using their resources to do some good. Using the resources that they have, not only monetary but in people, to help others.

Something like this can’t cost them very much, but think of the goodwill they get out of it. They build goodwill with the people who get the tickets, and those who apply but don’t get them. They will likely build goodwill with the corporate sponsors and season ticket holders if they get good employees out of it. And, just the overall PR of doing something like this will definitely help them.

Bravo Nets.

New Jersey Nets and – long lost siblings?