A great view of the financial crisis

I don’t claim to understand all the ins and outs of the financial market. Believe me, if you looked at my checkbook I’m the LAST person you’d want making the country’s financial decisions.

I did come across an interesting post at the Brains on Fire blog today that I think helps put some of the fears in perspective.

One statement really stood out for me:

“Obviously banks have the attention of their customers like never before. So now what? What do people want and need to hear? What are they longing to learn?

It really puts a positive spin on the whole situation and I think that it’s attitudes like this that build successes.

Think back to the 1929 crash. Sure, lots of people lost LOTS of money. People killed themselves over the situation. Everything was chaos. But, there were people that were steady, used it as an opportunity and stayed the course. They came out of a terrible situation VERY well.

I think that reframing how people look at situations can often be the difference between success and failure. Often, the successes are found in looking at the situation through a different pair of eyes. It’s the concept of zigging while everyone else zags.

I don’t mean this to minimize the current situation at all. I know there are people in incredible amounts of pain right now. But, I also think that for some people, with the stomach to look at the situation differently, it’s a great opportunity.

As the post says, people are paying attention to banks right now. Something they may have never done. What can those banks do with that attention to ensure that they come out one of the successes?

How can we apply that to our businesses when we’ve got people’s attention – whether good or bad?


A great view of the financial crisis