What is the "iBrick" cost to Apple?

By now, you probably know about the activation problems people are having with both new and original iPhones today.

I’m sure it will sort itself out and everything will get back to normal, but I think that one of the causes of this problem is greed/arrogance on the part of Apple. I don’t mean financial greed…they’re going to get their money. I mean “spotlight greed.”

Apple had to know that there would be a rush for people buying the 3G iPhones.

They also had to know that there would be a rush for 1st Gen. iPhone owners upgrading to the 2.0 firmware.

Why wouldn’t they release firmware a week ago, or earlier this week and then release the new phone today? That would certainly save the stress on their servers and make things run more smoothly.

The answer is they wanted the chaos.

They want the event.

Now, I am all for building excitement and making a PR event out of a product launch – especially a product launch like an iPhone. I just think that with the pushback that many people have been giving to the new contract terms to get the phone, the last thing Apple needed was for something like this to happen.

Add to that the fact that people who happened to find the new 2.0 software early and install before Apple’s official release are having no problems and I can see how some people would be upset with Apple.

But, on the other hand, it’s Apple. In a week, no one will care and they will go back to worshiping the ground that Steve Jobs walks on.

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What is the "iBrick" cost to Apple?

Thanks Mitch!

So, I listened to episode 109 of Six Pixels of Separation recently when Mitch was discussing about keeping track of all the content we all consume

(editor’s note…if you’re not listening to Six Pixels, well, you’re missing out. Start NOW!)

I sent him an email asking how he does it and he just blogged it and tagged a bunch of other people to do the same.

The reason I asked him is that I struggle with this all the time. I bounce between so many systems to manage it all that I was hoping to find something I hadn’t tried. I know, not the best way to do it, but hey…they’re smarter than I am, so maybe I’d learn something!

One thing I got out of Mitch’s post and the subsequent comments is the part that having something to do with the information plays in the process.

What I mean is that so many of them say, “I mark things I want to blog like this…things I want to discuss like this…etc.”

Part of my problem is finding posts, articles and other info that I tag, star in Google Reader, note in Google Notebook, Evernote, etc. and it just sits there. The biggest change I need to make is to actually review the information and use it for something. Rather than letting it just take up storage space, I need to review it and apply it somewhere.

So, thanks Mitch for inspiring me to revisit this and hopefully make some adjustments to my processes!


Thanks Mitch!

Why Amazon is missing an opportunity with the Kindle

I know that Seth has talked about the failures/shortcomings of the Kindle before.

Today, I saw this article and it made me think about what an opportunity Amazon was missing.

So, now, we have Netflix.

And we have the Netflix of magazines.

Why isn’t Amazon fighting to become the Netflix of books?

Think about it. They have a device that can make delivery of the books quick and easy. They have the inventory of books available. Why not (as Seth suggests) make a subscription service for books? Basically, copy the Netflix business model for their books.

Not only does it tie people tighter to Amazon, but it would certainly boost sales of the Kindle.

It just seems that people/businesses are scrambling to be the “Netflix of [their industry]” and the one company that would seem like the best fit for the business model is completely ignoring the opportunity.

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Why Amazon is missing an opportunity with the Kindle