Marriott Gets Customer Service Right

So, earlier this week I stayed at the Richmond Marriott West in Glen Allen, VA. I was there for work, so it was only a couple days, but the hotel made a wonderful impression on me.

How? Well, it was a few little things.

First, the bed was probably the most comfortable I’ve slept in…anywhere.

Beyond that, the staff was friendly as you came and went, they had someone there greeting you, etc. These are all pretty basic things that add to the whole.

What really stood out to me was two things that happened when I wasn’t even there. The staff made up my room while I was at all day meetings. Now, I will admit that I’m not the neatest person when it comes to my hotel rooms…this stay was no exception. I had clothes laying around, some old newspapers on the floor and on top of those, the envelope from a card my wife had put in my suitcase (awww.) I came back, the room was cleaned, the newspapers were gone, but the ENVELOPE was sitting on the chair. Obviously the person who cleaned could tell it could be something special and chose to leave it in case I wanted to save it. Very nice touch.

Then, I went into the bathroom. I had left items strewn about the countertop that morning. A toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a few other things. When they cleaned the bathroom, they took those items and put them all on a washcloth they had laid out. Now, I know that many places they wouldn’t care or would choose NOT to do such a thing because they were told not to touch customers’ personal items. But here, they added a human touch that really went a long way with me.

Like I said, little things…but they made a big impact. What little things can you do today to make a big impact to the people you want to choose your company?

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Marriott Gets Customer Service Right

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