Seth’s right that “you’re right.”

Seth has a great post that speaks to something that happened to me in my recent customer service call referenced in my last post.

Once I finally got someone on the phone again and didn’t cut out, I had to work through various levels of experience to fix the problem. The first person was basically useless except to tell me that their company didn’t have any training with Firefox. Good idea…I don’t think it’ll catch on. It’s not like you’re a technology company or anything.

Then, the second person, who I spent a good hour with, determined that I was having a browser problem. And the way he said it was very condescending. Not, “I think it could be something with your browser,” but much snottier. Plus, he seemed like that’s how he wanted to leave it. Not try to find a way to fix it but to just say it’s a browser problem and try to get me to hang up to solve it myself.

Finally, he passed me up the chain to the next person. That person had me change a couple settings in the router’s control page and everything started working perfectly. Hmmm, must have fixed the browser problem.

I know it’s hard sometimes to not just tell a customer they’re wrong, but that’s a dangerous game to play…for a couple reasons. 1) They may not appreciate being talked to that way and choose to not do business with you again, or 2) they may be right.

Seth’s right that “you’re right.”

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