Good idea…but can I get Stormhoek?

Saw this post today about a new site called WineSide.

I think this is an outstanding idea.

Basically, you can get trial size tubes of various wines to determine what is your favorite. I think it would be stupid for a wine maker not to get involved if they have the opportunity.

Think of it this way. Wine basically comes in one size…for the most part. For some wines, that one size is fine because to buy that bottle isn’t very painful to the shopper. But, you get into some of the finer wines, and that bottle can get pretty pricey. I know…big revelation there huh? I know I have passed up trying certain types of wine because I figured that if I spent that money for the bottle and didn’t like it I’d be out all the money and stuck with 3/4 of a bottle of wine I don’t like.

Traditionally, this was addressed with wine tastings. That’s fine, but what if someone doesn’t have the ability to get to a tasting? The wine maker is missing out on those customers because they may not be inclined to buy a bottle of expensive wine on “spec.” It’s like a wine tasting in the digital age.

I think it’s important for any company with a product or service that can at all do something similar to this to do it as quickly as possible. If you remove some of the doubt and fear from choosing a new product, you greatly increase your chances of attracting new customers.

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Good idea…but can I get Stormhoek?

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