Back…as if I was missed!

So, I’ve been neglecting blogging for quite some time. I’m pretty sure no one noticed!

But, I was playing around on the My Starbucks Idea site today and read just the first line of Howard Schultz’s post and it triggered something in me. He said that, “At the core of the Starbucks Experience is human connection.” This worked with a small thing that happened to me today.

I got a call from one of our print vendors to deal with a problem we had been having with some billing. He inherited the problem from our last rep who just recently took another job. The thing that struck me was how he was, “very apologetic,” and “working to rectify the situation.” I was so distracted by what seemed to be his conscious effort to sound ‘professional’ that I didn’t even hear his name.

Why, in business, do we seem to turn off our humanity? Why don’t we talk, write, interact through human connections? Sure, some people take it too far, but I think a little more personality is important. I want to know I’m talking to a person, not a corporation.

Back…as if I was missed!

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