Seth Godin on the Kindle

As usual, Seth outhinks the company responsible for marketing a new product.

If you don’t already know, is marketing a new ebook reader called the Kindle. They asked Seth to include his books on the Kindle. I think his response is brilliant…but could be tweaked to potentially get Amazon to adopt his idea.

How can Amazon use the concept of packaging books to help sell Kindles? Here are a few ideas:

  • Adopt Seth’s idea exactly how he outlines it – include books for free, or even a selection of 1000 to include on the Kindle. I think this is a great idea…but as he says, Amazon is reluctant.
  • Offer “branded” Kindles. Do like Apple did with the U2 iPod. Offer, for example, a “Seth Godin” Kindle that comes preloaded with all his books. Or a “marketing” Kindle. You could even create one preloaded with winners of different literary awards throughout the years.
  • Along the “branded” lines, offer a, “So and So Recommends,” Kindle. For example, Seth or Tom Peters or someone well known and respected in a certain industry selects their top 10, 25, 50, whatever books for that industry and it’s packaged on a custom Kindle. Amazon could even offer this as an “affiliate created” version that the person could then sell through their own affiliate site.
  • Package “recommendations” on a Kindle. People create recommendation lists all the time on Amazon. Why not take some of those recommendations for a customized Kindle?

I agree with Seth. I think Amazon may be missing an opportunity here. I don’t see them as a technology company and they seem to be branching that direction. While this may be a great piece of hardware, I think they miss a “game-changing” opportunity if that’s all they do with the Kindle.

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Seth Godin on the Kindle

3 thoughts on “Seth Godin on the Kindle

  1. adrianmiller says:

    I love Amazon, I really do but they are not Apple and won’t generate anything as close to the buzz that Apple generates for….well, anything.

    Yes, free books on the Kindle would go far to making this piece of technology more acceptable but I don’t see them as a cutting edge technology provider and I think the Kindle might not fly with core market of readers.

  2. Adrian:

    I agree completely. I tried to go there with the post and I think that I missed the point. I think that moving into the “hardware” business for Amazon is a bit of a stretch. I think if they were to take a Google approach and use the hardware as a sort of loss leader to sell books or introduce people to certain authors or tie them closer to Amazon for their “reading needs,” it could work.

    I agree that Amazon is not a technology company and this could backfire on them.

    Thanks for the comment!


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