Dish Network: Bad Service is not the way to beat the cable companies!

So, yesterday I get a call from my wife that the, “TV is broken.”

After a little digging, I find out that our Dish Network DVR cannot be accessed. I think to myself, “Probably a hard drive failure…it’ll probably have to be replaced.” I don’t tell her this because she’s got all sorts of tv recorded that is now lost!

So about 10 last night I call Dish Network.

We go through some diagnostics, resets, etc and figure out that it does in fact need to be replaced. The rep gets my information and says, “Ok, we’ll replace it, but there’s a $14.95 shipping charge.”


I try to argue out of it, but end up having to pay the fee. She says if I had taken the warranty (at $5.99 per month) I wouldn’t have to pay the fee.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not so much the amount as it is the principle. You see, unlike DirecTV, the equipment from Dish Network is rented. If I cancel the service, I’ll have to return the equipment…much like a cable company. My question is, if I am simply renting the equipment, why should I have to pay anything then THEIR equipment fails?

If I owned it, and the equipment was out of warranty I could understand having to pay to have the new equipment shipped. But it’s their equipment. THEIR equipment failed and now it costs me 15 bucks to replace it?

Either sell the equipment so that it’s mine and I have to pay when it goes bad, or stand by your rented equipment and pay when it fails. Make up your mind.

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Dish Network: Bad Service is not the way to beat the cable companies!

One thought on “Dish Network: Bad Service is not the way to beat the cable companies!

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