Social Networking Fridays…Great Idea!

I meant to blog about this earlier after I read the article in the November 12th Business Week…but didn’t.

Shel Holtz blogged about it today so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.

Serena Software in San Mateo, CA have recently implemented “Facebook Fridays.” Basically every week employees are given an hour to work on their social networking profiles and connect with others. What a great idea! Shel directs us to an article by Jeremy Burton, the president of Serena in which he discusses the concept.

Rather than blocking people from using these tools, they encourage structured use. They actually treat their employees like people and agree that they need those connections with others. I’m thinking that Serena doesn’t have the same level of turnover that many other companies do.

I’ll be interested to see the results of this. I would love to hear the first story of this leading directly to some business for Serena. Not through the PR they get from this (which will certainly lead to some business) but new business that an employee brings to the company through a connection on Facebook or the like.

I’m sure it’s going to happen…just a matter of when.


Social Networking Fridays…Great Idea!

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