Now we won’t look for our house from the plane anymore!

Today on the Reuter’s UK site was an article about busy airports planning to put advertisements on their runways. You can see the article for yourself here.

My question is…where does it stop? Bathroom walls wasn’t too far, urinals wasn’t too far. At what point will we say, “Hey, that’s enough advertising.”

I understand that with the challenges being posed to traditional advertising it is becoming more and more important to get creative with advertising. I understand that for many other forms of marketing to work you need to first generate awareness…which leads to advertising.

I get it.

But, when did the shift happen that people stopped trying to get creative with their ads and focused primarily on getting creative placement? I mean, do these people have a contest for who can come up with the strangest location?

Plus, are pilots really that much of a target market? I am sure they will be the only ones with a decent view of the ad. Most passengers will probably not really be paying attention to the point to be able to view the ad.

I just think this will prove to be a misdirection of funds. Anyone who decides to try this can’t ever criticize things like Second Life either because this is far more “off the deep end” than Second Life.

Now we won’t look for our house from the plane anymore!

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