Why do you hide your feed?

Something I don’t understand is why some blogs almost hide their feed, making it difficult to subscribe. 

I’ve been on some blogs lately where I liked the content and wanted to subscribe.  When I looked for the subscribe, it was nowhere to be found.  I looked for a few minutes, and was about to leave and say, “Forget it,” when I found it in a drop down, buried among 5-6 other drop downs. 

This doesn’t make sense!

If you have a blog, you obviously have an opinion.  You have something to say!
So, what do you want? You want people to listen!

This means that your subscribe function should be the biggest, most obvious thing on the page. I know that, personally, when I’m looking to subscribe, I’m looking for the orange RSS icon. Why doesn’t everyone use that icon? It’s how RSS is recognized, so why make me search all over to subscribe. Next time I might not!

Now, excuse me while I make sure subscribing is obvious on my site!

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Why do you hide your feed?

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