MVP Final Results….FINALLY

So, I’ve dragged this out long enough.  I put up the final voting earlier this month and then a family vacation among other things have pushed off the posting of the finals. 

But at least everyone has had time to vote!

So, after 209 votes in the final matchup between American Copywriter and Inside PR we have a winner.

Is this a definitive answer to the Advertising vs PR question?  Probably not.  I mean it was on my blog, so this CERTAINLY can’t be definitive!

But with 117 votes, (56%) the winner is….American Copywriter!

Now, the Inside PR guys shouldn’t feel bad.  We’ve got some lovely parting gifts for….well, actually we don’t.  But, they get the same gift as the American Copywriter guys, so they shouldn’t feel too bad. 

Thanks for everyone who played along.  I was hoping to get a few more ideas for other podcasts through this (that was my ultimate goal) but it was still fun while it lasted.


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MVP Final Results….FINALLY

4 thoughts on “MVP Final Results….FINALLY

  1. Congrats Tug and John, and Terry and David. And, well, everyone who made the list in the first place. There is always room on my iPod for all your shows.

    I lost in the second round to the guys who made it into the finals, but ultimatley did not take the whole thing home. This must be what it feels like to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs!

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