JPG Magazine…I’m not a firestarter on this one….I hope!

If you’re not aware of JPG Magazine, you’re missing out.  Really it’s great!

But, recently there’s been some problems around the magazine and the founders, Derek Powazek and Heather Champ.

You can read their summaries and explanations here and here.

Now, I don’t want to jump in and be a firestarter here Mitch, but I don’t think this is a situation like the Apple podcast trademark “issue.”  We have statements from two of the key people involved and that’s where my comments come from.

First, this is very sad. Derek and Heather obviously built something out of love and to have their vision stolen from them is crushing.  They will certainly go on to do great things, but it’s very sad to see their first love snatched away this way.

Secondly, will this be the end of JPG?  I think it’s quite possible.  The entire magazine was built around community.  Because of this, many people feel a connection with and loyalty to Derek and Heather.  Will their leaving hurt JPG?  The possibility is there.  One thing about social media, people’s passions come out and they are often unfettered due to the perceived anonymity of the Internet.  It will be interesting to see submission and readership data for JPG as this story spreads.

Finally, it’s amazing the exercise in futility that this illustrates.  Now, excuse the redneck reference here, but I think it’s appropriate.  A few years back, NASCAR changed the name of it’s main racing series from the Winston Cup Series to the Nextel Cup Series.  Since that time, they have tried to wipe out any reference to the Winston Cup.  The first year they would talk about how many Nextel Cup Championships so and so had won…even though there had never been a Nextel Cup Championship…only Winston Cup.

I think this will be a similar situation.  People KNOW how JPG started.  You can’t change a story just because you think it makes for better branding (which I ALSO think it doesn’t).  Truth is truth.  It’s not possible to say, “It didn’t happen that way…just look at our website.”  The legend is out there.  And it’s great one.  Why not embrace it and build it even more?

It’s very sad that this has happened, but I am sure this will lead to bigger and better things for Heather and Derek. 

As an aside, I found a great nugget in Derek’s post when he talks about lessons learned.   He says, “Decisions aren’t decisions if you have to keep making them.  Set on the course and stick to it.”  Well put.

Oh, and for some real fun, watch Heather on a Photowalk with Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk here!

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JPG Magazine…I’m not a firestarter on this one….I hope!

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