Remember to vote in the Most Valuable Podcasts Final Four

So, I got an email from Joseph Jaffe today asking why I hadn’t been more proactive with updates about the Most Valuable Podcasts contest.

I could say that I had gotten some pushback initially about the contest and was just letting it fly under the radar.

I could say that I was trying to let it grow organically and just post the link to each round.

Or, I could tell the truth and say that I was lazy and didn’t give any updates.

Hmmm, decisions decisions.

Anyway, here’s a summary of the contest so far.  Remember, voting in the Final Four is still up here, but I will be processing it soon and posting the final matchup.

Sweet 16

In this first round we had the matchups looking like this:

The Engaging Brand vs For Immediate Release 
Winner: For Immediate Release

Forward Podcast vs Trafcom News
Winner: Trafcom News

CrayonCast vs Marketing Martini
Winner: CrayonCast

American Copywriter vs Six Pixels of Separation
Winner: American Copywriter

Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter vs Managing the Gray
Winner: Managing the Gray

The Client Side vs New Comm Road
Winner: The Client Side

Inside PR vs The M Show
Winner: Inside PR

Across the Sound vs The Accidental Creative
Winner: Across the Sound


Then, we moved on to the Elite Eight.  For some reason voting was way down in this round.  The first round had over 200 votes, this one only 25.  Strange.  Anyway, this is how it went:

The Client Side vs Inside PR
Winner: Inside PR

Managing the Gray vs Across the Sound
Winner: Across the Sound (This could make for an interesting staff meeting this week at crayon!)

American Copywriter vs Trafcom News
Winner: American Copywriter

For Immediate Release vs CrayonCast
Winner: For Immediate Release

So, that brings us to the Final Four.  Again voting is here and the matchups are:

Across the Sound vs Inside PR


For Immediate Release vs American Copywriter

Get your votes in because the finals are coming soon!



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Remember to vote in the Most Valuable Podcasts Final Four

6 thoughts on “Remember to vote in the Most Valuable Podcasts Final Four

  1. Jaffe asked us to vote in ATS 79, so I came to vote :), I also can’t get any of the links to work.
    PS – It was a shame that Six Pixels of Separation and American Copywriter were seeded together in the first round. Six Pixels is awesome, American Copywriter is great too, but so infrequent.

  2. Jay:

    Thanks for the head’s up.

    I have a question in at Survey Monkey because I only started getting errors since they changed their site.

    I’ll let you know what I come up with!


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