Jaffe and Nikon…Now they are REALLY getting it!

So, Joseph Jaffe blogged about the fact that he’s part of the Nikon D80 marketing effort.

I’m sure everyone remembers when Nikon went to specific photographers on Flickr to test their new camera and then used the images in an ad campaign.  No one argued that this wasn’t a brilliant approach and changed a lot in the world of camera marketing.

Now, they could have just let it drop at that and had it be a great success.  But they didn’t.  Now, they’ve expanded that to other bloggers by offering them a Nikon D80 to try.  Jaffe has the details on his blog, so be sure to check it out, but I think there are some points about this that make the campaign stand out as HUGE.

1) You get the camera for six months.  This is a little like the old tactic of selling a puppy by sending it home with the person for a week.  Once you have it, you can’t imagine living without it.

2) At the end of the program you have the option to purchase it at a discount.  Great idea and I think they’ll get quite a few sales from this.

3) They are encouraging transparency throughout the whole process.  Enough said.

4) Nikon is approaching bloggers and not just photographers.  What has this done?  Well, Joseph activated his Flickr account and you can be sure that people will see what camera he’s using.  Plus, this shows people that may be intimidated by this level of camera that someone who doesn’t have the “pro photographer” experience can get comfortable with their camera.

Next step for Nikon?  They should try to get Thomas Hawk to switch from Canon!

Anyway.  For me as someone who is looking to purchase a DSLR in the near future, this pushes me slightly toward Nikon simply because of their great efforts to connect with people on a personal level.

Great job Nikon!

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Jaffe and Nikon…Now they are REALLY getting it!

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