Nike and Imus…Together at Last!

Go read this post.  Now.

Ok, you back?  That post really stuck with me today.  I’ve had it open all day just chewing over what to say about it.  I guess it’s not as much the post that gets me as what Nike has done.  I LOVE IT!

They’re not stuck in the world of, “Well, can we really say that?  What will the backlash be? What will people think?” They say what they believe and they say it directly.  None of this beating around the bush crap that so many businesses do. They have an opinion and they put it out there…plain and simple.

Best of all, is it directly related to their business? Yes and no. But, that doesn’t matter.  To me this shows that it’s PEOPLE that work at Nike. They have opinions. They have viewpoints. Their brand has a personality.

We can all learn a lot from this.

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Nike and Imus…Together at Last!

3 thoughts on “Nike and Imus…Together at Last!

  1. Howard says:

    Thanks for pointing to that — I hadn’t seen the text of ad, and was curious what it might be. Nike definitely took a risk, stepping so close to the fire.

    Someone leaked the text of an email Les Moonves sent around to CBS, about the firing. Shelly Palmer posted it on media 3.0:
    A Message from Leslie Moonves


  2. You’re right. They did take a risk, but I think it’s a good one. It’s time for companies/brands/people to stand for something. We can argue and disagree about what those somethings are…but at least stand for something!

    Thanks for the comment.

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