Social Marketing Success Walks a Fine Line

Something struck me today as I was reading through some feeds and thinking about the social media/marketing world.  In this new world of marketing and PR, it’s a fine line between success and failure, isn’t it?  Small things make a world of difference. 

Case in point.  Nikon was praised for their campaign in which they gave their new dSLR cameras to some Flickr users to help promote their new camera and get some photos for their ad campaign. Everyone I could find loved this idea, loved Nikon for the idea and it’s hard to dispute that it was a success.

Contrast that with the whole Edelman kerfuffle surrounding Windows Vista.  Edelman and Microsoft were taken to task all over the blogosphere for that one.  But, is it really all THAT different from Nikon? 

I think the biggest difference was disclosure, but even then, the product was still given away in hopes that it would produce a favorable result for the company.  One landed on the success side of the line and the other…well…you know the story.

It’s interesting how a couple small things can make or break a campaign. What are those keys/benchmarks/milestones that help someone know if they are on the success or failure side of this razor-thin line in social media?

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Social Marketing Success Walks a Fine Line

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