Most Valuable Podcast Voting Now Open!

Here is the final list of podcast suggestions I received for the Most Valuable Podcast Bracket. We are starting in the “Sweet 16.”

Across the Sound
Six Pixels of Separation
Managing the Gray
Inside PR
For Immediate Release
The Accidental Creative
The Engaging Brand
Forward Podcast

Trafcom News

Marketing Martini
American Copywriter
Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter
The Client Side
New Comm Road
The M Show

My plan is to leave voting for each round open for about a week so we’ll race through this thing.

All seedings were set randomly through a highly sophisticated “names drawn from a hat” technique.
Click here to vote in this round.

Most Valuable Podcast Voting Now Open!

14 thoughts on “Most Valuable Podcast Voting Now Open!

  1. Wow…here I was all excited and then I saw who I was matched against…..the brilliant FIR. But I am just so thrilled that I made such a superb list of podcasts. The irony is that I have just interviewed Shel Holtz for The Engaging Brand!
    Thanks for the nomination…just looking through the list they are all in my iPod so this is going to be a toughy. Anna from The Engaging Brand

  2. @Mitch: It depends on who you ask if this is link bait. I didn’t have that in mind, but it seems to be interpreted that way!

    As far as why people are matched against who they are is all random. That’s why I put it in the post that it was random because I knew that people would be unhappy with their matchups! 🙂

  3. I am truly honoured to have my Marketing Martini podcast recognized alongside the other podcasts listed here, many of which are hosted by new and old friends, mentors, and soon-to-be friends. Congratulations to everyone! And thanks for making my day, Kevin.

  4. I listen to most (10) of these regularly. I consider several of the hosts new/old friends and mentors. There’s no way I’m voting. 😉 Thanks for introducing me to some new podcasts of equal calibre.

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