Is it Link Bait? No…and I’ll prove it!

So, since I posted the Most Valuable Podcasts contest, there’s been some speculation as to whether contests like this are link baiting, looking for promotion, etc.

First, when I got that reaction from guys like Mitch and CC, I almost took the contest down because the last thing I want is to get a bad reputation with guys like that! 

I never really considered the potential of this being seen as link-baiting when I was putting it together because that was the last thing on my mind.  When I put it together I had two things that I was thinking about. 

1) Jaffe just did the Most Valuable Blogs, and I wanted to see some love for the podcasters I have learned so much from.  I thought it was a fun little contest…not really cutthroat competitive and wanted to extend it.

2) This part backfired a bit.  I was hoping to be overwhelmed (I know…wishful thinking) with suggestions and find some new podcasts.  Every one on the list is one I listen to regularly and I was hoping that I and others would discover some great podcasts. 

In retrospect, I see how it can be viewed that way.  I also don’t think that one cast is any more important than another.  Each one on the list is there because someone felt they could potentially be the Most Valuable…which is a relative term anyway.  While I had positive motives in mind when I set it up, I can see how the concept can be misconstrued. 

So, that said…what should I do? 

If everyone says that I’m just trying to get links and using a cheap stunt, I’ll take it down.  And don’t link to me.  The only links I want are those from people who feel the content I post is valuable.  I certainly don’t want to demean this “new media/marketing” community by cheaply standing on the shoulders of the people I respect to get some cheap links. 

So you tell me.  Keep it or let it go….I’m fine either way.

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Is it Link Bait? No…and I’ll prove it!

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