You Tube and NBC; a Match Made in….

This article has me thinking about the whole concept of copy protection and “anti-pirating” of TV when it comes to YouTube.

Jeff Zucker says, “YouTube needs to prove that it will implement its filtering technology across its online platform.  It’s proven it can do it when it wants to.”  Which can be translated, “Please take away all this free advertising you are giving us.”

Here’s the situation as I see it.  NBC produces a great show…one that gets a following.  People love the show so much that they post clips/episodes/etc on YouTube.  People watch the show on YouTube.  Probably even comment about it.  Then, when the next episode is on, many of those people probably watch the show on NBC.

How does this affect NBC? 

In DVD sales.  Doubtful.  I can’t see people that were going to buy the DVDs settling for a YouTube quality video.
In viewership.  Maybe positively.  I see it more that people would latch on to a show by finding it on YouTube and watch it on TV.

If NBC wants to remove all digital version of its content (they can’t just limit it to YouTube!) then they should syndicate all their shows, put them all on DVD and make them all available to watch online and download.  Otherwise, they are missing out on an opportunity.

Zucker then goes on to say, “This company is about producing great content in all divisions,” he
said. “The issue is, how do we get that great content in front of new
eyeballs, on new platforms, with new money attached?”

You have the answer right in front of you Jeff, and you’re complaining about it!

YouTube is effectively introducing NBC to a mammoth Long Tail…for free.  To be upset about this, in my mind, is short sighted.  Instead, NBC should embrace the fact that they have loyal viewers who want to get their content out for them.  I don’t see too many people saying, “I hate NBC.  I know, I’ll record some of their shows, encode them and put them on YouTube…that’ll show them.”  NO!  People put your shows up there for one reason…they love them and they want other people to know about them.  I wish that was the problem I had.

NBC needs to find a way to work with YouTube or utilize it to build their viewership.  As strange as it sounds, fighting with YouTube will probably hurt them more than help them.

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You Tube and NBC; a Match Made in….

One thought on “You Tube and NBC; a Match Made in….

  1. Free samples of content increase sales of the product from which the sample was taken. Search Inside the Book is a great example. SITB lets you read and even search the entire contents of a book online. Most people assume this would hurt sales but an executive told me they tested SITB and found that it increased sales by 7% over titles that didn’t have this feature. What’s more, they found that customers who used the feature were 2x more likely to buy the book they sampled than those who didn’t. NBC should embrace YouTube. Spread the fire. GS

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