Managing Expectations the Right Way

Seth has a story today from Robin that I thought was interesting.  Then I got to the final sentence and left interesting in the rear-view.  I read the sentence a few times and just kept thinking about it.

Check out the whole post, but the final sentence is this, “To raise someone’s expectations then not fulfill them is worse than mediocrity.”  Absolutely.

So many marketers focus on great user experience, on making the customer’s time dealing with the company remarkable.  But what happens if next time it doesn’t live up to what you did (or worse, what you say you do!)?  Then the person goes away with a bad taste in their mouth.  They leave upset and with a worse opinion of you than if you had done nothing.

Customers today have so many options for how they spend their time, money and attention.  We have to build experiences worthy of their choice to work with us.  But, we then have to sustain those experiences so they don’t go away saying, “Well the last time I was here…”

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Managing Expectations the Right Way

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