AT&T…Why do you Tempt Me?!?

So, I’ve been fighting and praying to get any sort of broadband out where I live.  Currently neither the cable provider nor the phone company offer any sort of high speed…leaving me stuck with dial up.

So, Saturday I get a letter from AT&T, our local phone company, saying that “You’re also eligible for the fastest Internet in town..AT&T Yahoo High Speed Internet.”

I think, “This truly is a YAHOO!”

Today I call up AT&T to sign up, only to be told that I’m still not eligible.

So, AT&T, you know where I live to send me the mailer.

You know that I’m not eligible for the service.

Why even send the letter?

All you did was waste your time, waste mine and make me dislike you even more.

Thanks for that.

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AT&T…Why do you Tempt Me?!?

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