The L.A. Times “Reorganizes” Their Newroom

See this.

I think it’s fairly obvious the effect that the web and social media are having on traditional media.

This just solidifies it more as traditional media outlets continue to play “catch up” in the web-based media space.  Sure, many people still get their news / information from the newspaper, evening news, etc.  The problem is, the number of people in that camp is decreasing as the traditional sources continue to get “scooped” by online.

How many stories have we seen that started on a blog/YouTube, etc. and made their way to the traditional media.  We focus so much on the fact that it shows how great and revolutionary social media is, but the other side of that coin is that it shows how traditional media needs to evolve.

The immediacy of the web will drive much more of this.  I think the next step will be to no longer expand on the story in the paper, but to expand on the web.  Set up RSS feeds for specific large stories so people can follow those specific stories.

It’s an exciting time, and it changes every day.

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The L.A. Times “Reorganizes” Their Newroom

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