Why Does Marketing Exist?

Hugh has a comment about a comment today.

I agree with Hugh, disagree with Woodstock. I think to say that marketing exists to tell you that you’re deficient and point out how a company’s offering can help with that deficiency may have been true at some point in history, but is no longer.

I should amend that. Good marketing doesn’t match that pattern anymore.

Sure, there are marketers stuck in the old ways that still view marketing as forcing their product on unknowing consumers, but I think that’s changing…for the better.

I believe, more and more that marketing exists for one reason. And it’s not a science/art/practice that comes first or is separate from other business functions. Marketing exists to tell you about someone’s great way of doing something.

I don’t see marketing anymore as spin, smoke and mirrors or simply promotions. When it’s done right, by a company that understands the limitations of marketing, it’s a great thing. These companies will spend 90% of their time building an amazing offering (product/service/etc) BEFORE marketing. Then marketing becomes simply a conversation/discussion about how that amazing offering can enhance your life.

It’s time that businesses start listening to good marketers and involving them in the process of creating a product/service/experience/etc. Then, the communication of that idea becomes easy.

Look at Hugh. Would English Cut or Stormhoek have taken off as they have if they were crappy products but HUGH MACLEOD was blogging about them?


It took a great product, a respected communicator and customers open to the message for those companies to be successful.

It’s not about telling people they’re deficient. It’s about conversing with them. Showing them how the product is beneficial to them in and of itself…not creating a perceived “need” on their end.

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Why Does Marketing Exist?

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