The Mess of Social Media

So, I was changing accounts in today.  I realized I wanted a different account name.  So I created a new account and imported all of my bookmarks from my old account.

As I looked at my new account, I realized I had to go in and share each and every bookmark I had created.

That’s when it hit me.  Social media makes connection, memory and things like tagging so easy that it creates another problem…lack of organization.  If I had to write each of these things down I’d probably take the time to organize and categorize them.  Probably even “purge” the old ones.  But, since it’s so easy to just click the “add to delicious” button, I put them in and often forget about them.

Oh well, it’s better to have too much access than not enough.

So, back to organizing.

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The Mess of Social Media

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