The You Tube Candidate Is…

NOT Barack Obama.

Now, I know that some are touting him as “The first candidate for the You Tube era.”

Only one problem…John Edwards beat him to it.

Now, I want to say that it’s exciting to see so many candidates already embracing social media and it’ll be fun to see what explodes next the way blogs did when politics got involved.

I just want to see all the critics who got on crayon when they launched because they said they were the first ones to launch a business in Second Life to hammer away on Obama and Gary Goldhammer about this.

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The You Tube Candidate Is…

3 thoughts on “The You Tube Candidate Is…

  1. I’m a bad person, I apologize, I’ll never do it again. I’ll go back what I usually do, which is post one or twice a month about boring topics like newspaper journalism and watch my Technorati rankings sink faster than the Bush Administration’s credibility 🙂

  2. Gary:

    I wasn’t really saying anything about you or your coverage.

    My point was two fold. One is that it’s exciting to see how these new forms of communication are being used in different ways.

    Secondly, I hadn’t heard about the situation until you mentioned it, so I was linking to where I heard about it. I just thought it was interesting that Obama seemed to follow suit with Edwards, rather than finding a different way to make his announcement.

    Thanks for your comment!

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