Get me one of those GMOOTs!

Todd Defren has a post that I skimmed over today, and had to go back and read because I think it raises a very good point.

He says, quoting an article in AdAge, that (paraphrasing) people (CMOs, CEOs, etc) will go to their agency and say they want viral video, basically because they read about it somewhere.

Todd then comments that, for example, “Let’s do a viral video should never be a check-box element in a B2B PR program.” This is the statement that I can really latch on to. I think that the rise of the social media space has also given rise to lots of hangers on looking for the next big thing. The reason that social media is the next big thing is the exact reason that these things can’t be check-boxes in a campaign.

They need to be real to work. They need to be authentic to work.

Saying, “Let’s do viral” is not going to make your content go viral. You’d be much better off spending time developing content/an offering/ANYTHING worth going viral and then looking at tactics.

As much press as social media gets, one would think that it’s the magic bullet. But, one would be wrong. Social media is a tool. Yes, it’s a powerful tool and one of the most effective when done right, but it’s a tool.

Look at every single thing that’s gone viral. Everything that’s become a part of culture that exploded thanks to social media. Now, show me one that wasn’t founded in great content.

I think it’s better to work first on growing your purple cow before you try to milk it into the social media bucket.

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Get me one of those GMOOTs!

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