The “Time” People of the Year…at last

I’ve held off commenting on the Time People of the year article because I hadn’t read it.

I’ve started it and I think there’s some great stuff there. Still working my way through it, but I did have one comment that’s been sticking with me.

There has been some criticism about this article that the concept is dumb, hokey, what have you. Now, I agree that “You” is a bit hokey, but I think what this does for the social media world far outweighs any hokey we have to endure.

The truth is, there are still MANY people who know nothing about social media and the power of the tools. Many of those people read major magazines like Time, Newsweek, etc and consume traditional media. To some of them, having Time lend creedence to these tools legitimizes them. Right or wrong, there are people who see the world that way. I think having articles like this goes a long way to evangelizing the message of social media and prompting many people into trying it out.

More when I’ve finished the article.

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The “Time” People of the Year…at last

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