How do we reward customers?



Kind Words.

How do many (read most) marketers reward people who give their attention/time/recommendation?

With a kind word in return?

With something valuable?

With something costly to the company?


Most just give/send a pen/t-shirt/mug with the company logo on it…largely.  Think about it though.  Would your employees use that mug/pen/shirt?  Would they wear it out?  Would they show it off?  Probably not.

Most marketers who give these things out do so because they assume that people will use it, others will see it and become interested in the company by seeing that logo. (Hey, that’s a cool mug…I have to give that company money!)

The problem is, with the exception of some very popular companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) no one uses the swag.  If it’s a t-shirt…it may end up being used for yard work.  Coffee mug = target practice.  Pen…hey, the kids always need more pens.

Why not spend the money on something people would love.  Something they’d tell others about.  They’ll tell their friends where they got it if it’s cool enough.  Do you have to eliminate your logo/mark/website from the item?  No.  Just don’t make the item a delivery mechanism for your logo.  Understate it and make the giveaway so cool that people have to tell their friends.

Or, save the money and make your product/service/offering something cool enough to talk about.

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How do we reward customers?

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