Well Said!

Tara Hunt recently posted this great…well…post!

Basically, this is my feeling, except I’m still trying to achieve it.  I, like many bloggers, spend a lot of time just saying, “Me too,” or “I agree with so and so.”  My challenge is to try to develop original content.  To say things worth listening to/reading rather than being a copycat.

It’s not going to be easy.  I’m still trying to understand the ins and outs of my profession and many times the things that spark me to think ARE from other blogs or podcasts.

I think it’s important to talk to each other, to react to each other and often those, “This person said” posts are what lead me to new blogs.  But, I think we need more original content. 

Sure, everyone can post their opinion on a subject, and often you’ll get a well rounded view because everyone comes at an issue from a different angle.  But, what’s really exciting is when someone posts a new thought..a new view…a new idea.  Kathy Sierra is OUTSTANDING at this.

The only problem for me is trying to find something to write intelligently about.  Sure, I’m an expert at my thoughts, what I did today, but what in my day is worth reading?  This will be the challenge.  I’m not saying I’m going to do it well, but I’m going to give it the “old college try.”

Thanks for the inspiration Tara!

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Well Said!

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