A PR and Marketing Mash Up

How has social media affected the PR and Marketing world?

Well, I’m not nearly smart enough, or “free-time laden” enough to fully address that question.  But, I have had some thoughts lately that I think deserve to be shared.  (Plus, it’s my head and my blog, so deal!)

One important thing I think it’s done has blurred the lines between PR and Marketing.  Sure, they are still distinct positions with distinct fuctions, but I don’t think it’s as disctinct as it once was.  It used to be that (oversimplification ahead!) marketing went out to the customer/prospect and PR went to the media.  With the advent of social media, these lines no longer exist in the same way.

PR can and does go to the customer
Marketing publishes and often ends up providing content to media.

It’s a mashed up world.  The fun is just beginning.

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A PR and Marketing Mash Up

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