Content, content, content

Why are so many businesses content to just play catch up and “Me Too!”?

I understand that pushing the boundaries of tradition is painful.  I understand that safe often feels better, more comfortable.

But, I can’t think of one company that got great by just sitting back and making minor improvements to their offering that don’t challenge the status quo, or their competitors.

To that end, it’s amazing how many people want to jump on this “Social Media” bandwagon with nothing to offer.  If there’s one thing that blogs, podcasts and the like do it’s reveal a fraud quicker than ever before.

We need to make sure that what we’re communicating is actually of value.  It needs to scream out, “Pay attention to me.”  Not because it does such great things for us…but for the customer. 

Why should they pay attention if it’s just a boring, sub par copy of your competitor?

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Content, content, content

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