The Sweet, Sick Chemical Smell of Astroturf?

Shel has a post gathering and discussing some of the discussion around the latest Edelman (to use the hot social media word) kerfuffle.

My question is, do we consider this astroturfing?

It seems to me that if it’s not “technically” (which I guess is open to debate) astroturfing, it certainly is pushing the boundary.

So, I checked Micropersuasion and found this post.

To me, this isn’t a terrible offense. It’s not something that should constitute the full wrath of the PR community. It’s a stunt, trying to generate publicity. Sure, it was in bad taste, but it’s not THAT bad. What I think IS the worst offense is the complete lack of response/engagement from Edelman. Much like Shel, I think that they could do much better in “walking the talk.”

It comes back to the whole situation with Apple and trademarking. I won’t get into the whole discussion because people have such varying opinions, but I will say that Edelman seems to be taking a page from the Apple book. Don’t engage, don’t respond, keep quiet, ignore the issue and it may go away.

The problem is, in this post-Cluetrain world, it’s pretty tough to get things to go away.

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The Sweet, Sick Chemical Smell of Astroturf?

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