Another Barrier to Adoption

In the past I’ve talked about the barriers to adoption of social media tools like blogging and podcasting.

Dial-up (this one’s in the forefront of my mind because I am currently stuck in this particularly frustrating ring of hell)

But I think there’s one other barrier…possibly one of the biggest.  Fear

There are too many companies still scared of blogs, podcasts, even forums.  Until businesses are able to get past this fear, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Sure, there are many companies jumping on these tools, and kudos to them.  But there are many more companies scared to join the conversation.  They have to get past their fear of allowing people they hire to have ACCESS to these things before they can think about actually using the tools.

To me it goes back to the thought that the safe route is rarely the right one. 

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Another Barrier to Adoption

2 thoughts on “Another Barrier to Adoption

  1. Good point. The question of trust and fear from corporates in the use, and allowing the use, of these tools is, not unsurprisingly, an issue. Many companies still operate a command and control culture, and are still struggling to embrace mobile technology and flexible working practices let alone social media. Now I’m not saying businesses are stuck in the dark ages, but culturally there is still a long way to go for many. A culture of trust has to be the model to be adopted by companies looking to the future. It is those companies that adopt a more trust based culture today that generally seem to embrace and then see the benefits from these tools – be it allowing their staff to work in more flexible ways using laptops and smartphones through to allowing them to communicate openly via blogs and wikis.

  2. I agree Justin.

    I think that if a company is hiring good people that they trust to fill the roles necessary, there should be little reason to “lock them down” in the online world.

    Sure, there’s always one or two bad apples (am I one? I’m doing this during working hours!) but they will eventually be exposed. If we do the work on the front end, ie hiring good people, everything else should work itself out.

    Thanks for your comment!


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