It’s the Message…Stupid

Over at Marketing Roadmaps blog, there’s an interesting post that addresses something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

All the new marketing and PR tools like web 2.0, social media, Second Life, blogs, vlogs, etc. are great.

Love em.

Read em.

Use em.

But, without a strong, compelling message, they just contribute to the noise like traditional marketing and media. the true value of viral marketing is in the message. It comes in when Seth talks about turning the funnel. It’s when people NEED to tell people because they can’t help not telling them.

As time goes on, I realize more and more how important a strong message is. I realize how important asking “why” and “how” is. I realize that if we are doing something, we need to determine why, and how we can go further.

Have great customer service? Excellent, but that’s just the price of admission. How can you have unbelievable customer service? What about it makes people tell their friends? That’s the germ that will start the virus.

If the message isn’t compelling, the virus won’t spread and your/our businesses will just be quarantined.

It’s the Message…Stupid

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