Continue to be Disgusted with Apple

Something that didn’t dawn on me initially, but has since found its way into the mush I call a brain about the Apple / Podcast situation is this:

Does Apple even have a podcast?

Now, I don’t have an iPod…I have an iRiver. Why? Well, FM radio, recording ability, etc that iPods just don’t have. So, I’m not in iTunes, etc but I did search the Apple website for a podcast. Nothing.

So, if someone knows about a podcast they do, I apologize, but I can’t find one.

That said, they are looking to control the name of something that they don’t even feel has enough relevance/importance to participate in themselves! Why wouldn’t they go the other way and try to somehow incorporate their name/logo into a standardized “podcast” logo that anyone/everyone with a podcast can use?

This is “old time” business practices gone bad. The heavy-handed, do what I want or I’ll sue type stuff. Bad form.

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Continue to be Disgusted with Apple

5 thoughts on “Continue to be Disgusted with Apple

  1. Guney says:

    Yea, the iPod should have more abilities I didn’t buy one cause people said to me it was bad n’ stuff so I bought my self a Creative Zen Nano which I hate so badly ugly design and it’s buggy hard drive crashes and I have reboot the OS gosh I hate it !

  2. I love my is simple ti use and works. My podcasts are on itunes.It is not that hard to do.

    As for the name podcasts there is quite alot of debate over who came up with it.But this i can say for certain.It was itunes that made podcasts a household thing. I have had itunes for many years and having access to podcasts has always been there. It is not really a big concern anymore as soon enough apple will realize there are just too many things out there using the word “pod”.

  3. Zeek says:

    Great site, glad to see a WI based adblog, from a fellow MI,WI adworker.

    “Does Apple even have a podcast?”
    This is a phenomenal question. I don’t think so. I guess they feel that all the UGContent [jaffe would be proud] will suffice. I know that the apple evangalistas are many and diverse, but considering how the main Apple corp. sit in the ivory tower and only seem to communicate in either product releases or legal cease-and-desist letters to overexcited pre-ejaculate fanboys, they need some sort of corporate conduit to set records straight. It seems the way the apple-ingesting populace spins upcoming small product updates into technological second-comings is one of their best marketing tools, but consumers are becoming accustom to getting truer insight into companies, participating in converstions vs. reading the heavily spun corporate line as pre-digested by copywriters, which most savvy consumers can smell as the bullshit it is a mile a way.

  4. Zeek:

    I agree with you. I am continually amazed by how Microsoft is painted as the “big, bad company” and “the man” we should stick it to, but Apple is seen as the underdog, the cool guys, etc.

    Then you turn around and Apple is close lipped about everything, treats their customers poorly (just ask Shel Holtz!) and won’t engage with their customers while Microsoft has people throughout their company blogging, has vodcasts (or vlogs, whatever you prefer) and others.

    At what point are people going to wake up and see that Apple, while they make cool looking products, are an arrogant bunch…led by a guy who can present well, but isn’t much of a person beyond that?

  5. Zeek says:

    I’ve spent decades being an Apple evangalista- My mum got us one in ’85 and i’m typing on a bloody intel macbook now, I’m loyal still, but i can help feeling -Man, look at how many years i’ve been preaching the apple way and now what is there to it? the kids [now I’m only 35] who work at my local apple store [mayfairmall] are world class ASSHOLES to me [and almost everyone else i’ve seen], not like i deserve a medal for gettting apple to the point where they have a job, but i this is not the brand I thought i supported all these years. It’s a great computer and easy to use, realistically compared to the alternative, but there is nothing outside of updates and hype to keep me going. I would probably be the first subscriber to a steve j rss blog, but the guy is too busy being enigmatic to ever go for a vox populi POV. I just bought an archos pvr, in lieu of a new ipod. I keep an eye towards them these days but the veil has been lifted. Smoke and mirrors as a marketing scheme works for so long, and I know how many people are being converted now to a once great brand, but I can’t feel like I’m getting more than if I supported sunbeam toasters because there SO MUCH BETTER than Bosch, right?

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