What can TiVo do?

I don’t have TiVo.  I have a DVR through Dish Network, but not TiVo.

The other day I was thinking about social media, communities and other “Cluetrain” stuff and the thought about these services dawned on me…why isn’t TiVo or other subscription DVR services (assuming they aren’t) allowing people to “send” their recordings to their friends?

Now, I don’t know the technology end of it, but wouldn’t it be great if I recorded something, say the Green Bay Packers winning a game, and you missed it.  Now, you may have wanted to see that because it’ll be a rare event this year.  We both have TiVo, so I could “send” the recording to you, it’d load in your unit and you could watch it at your house, on your time.

I would think that networks would be helping with this because it would greatly enable evangelists for their newest shows.

Just a thought.

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What can TiVo do?

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