The Difficulty of the Blogosphere

I understand the importance of blogs.

I understand the necessity of blogs for information dissemination.

I get that.

I think one of the biggest “difficulties” of adoption for blogging is topic.  Some industries certainly lend themselves to blogging. 


They all work well and are rarely, if ever, at a shortage for topics or information.  I think one of the barriers to adoption for many corporate types is often topic.  “No one is interested in that.”  “It’s not interesting enough for someone to read about.”  and on and on.

For example.  I work in insurance and I am trying to implement some of the new social media tools.  But I’m struggling to find a “hook” or an interesting angle to engage people in a topic that they rarely want to think about. 

I think that is one of the most difficult things about starting and spreading a blog.  It’s important to be relevant and interesting…which is definitely a challenge for some industries.

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The Difficulty of the Blogosphere

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