Oh, How Things Have Changed

The power of blogging and the changes in the world just hit me in the last five minutes since my last post.

I saw this story and had to blog about it.
Then, I thought, “My readership is, shall we say, light.  I really want to see this story go.  I really want to see some good things happen for this woman.”
So, what was my next step?  That’s right…email Scoble, email Hugh.  Let them know about the story and see if they’ll blog about it to push it along.

Wow, how the world has changed.

A few years ago, I probably would have said, “That’s a great story.” 
I would have passed it along to my friends, maybe emailed some people, passed it around the office.
But that would be it.

Now, if those guys pick up on it, the story will be in front of hundreds of thousands of people within minutes, probably upping the donations and expanding the support network. 

Something that years ago would have taken HOURS of work can now potentially happen in minutes with a few keystrokes.  It’s an exciting time we’re living in.

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Oh, How Things Have Changed

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