Is Blogging REALLY for Everyone??

I have heard the arguments and generally agree – nearly every business should have a blog.


I ask because I’m in a bit of a spot.  I have started with a new company, charged with marketing and PR.  I would like to implement some “social media” tools like blogging and podcasting, etc.  My difficulty is selling the concept to management. 

Here’s my difficulty.  The company is an insurance company.  I’m struggling to find an angle that will keep people interested enough in insurance that we can blog, offer RSS, e-newsletters, etc.  I understand the danger of and aversion to blogging for the sake of blogging.  Content must rule, which is where I’m stuck.

What if you can’t find strong content or find an angle that will be so compelling to people that they ask for more information.  Sure the fun stuff like tech goodies and non-profits with causes are good.  But who wants to read about insurance?  Who THINKS about insurance if they’re not paying their bill of filing a claim?

So, that said…is blogging REALLY for everyone?  Are there limits to the companies that should blog or will be successful blogging?

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Is Blogging REALLY for Everyone??

One thought on “Is Blogging REALLY for Everyone??

  1. What about explaining some the ideas, concepts and theoretical underpinnings of insurance and insurance coverage?
    Yeah it’s a bit dry but it might appeal to candidates for employee if such a blog existed. It could connect to studies, resources and generally build readership and status for the company. A blog does not always need to be consumer focused!
    Once you have a decent blog of that nature up and running perhaps the blogging culture will settle in and other ideas will show themselves.

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