The Power of Why

I think one of the most important and telling questions in business today is (or should be) “Why?”

Too often we get bogged down in the day to day operations of “doing business” that we forget to ask why.

Why am I doing this?
Why is our business important?
Why do our customers choose us?
Why do our customers stay with us?

I think that there is another place that why is critical…but I feel is often a missed opportunity. 

As a bit of background, I have just started a new job, and I’m trying to get my feet wet and understand the business and the markets we serve.  I find myself in meetings looking at things from an outsider’s point of view.  Thinking about how I would like things to work.  Every time I hear someone say, “It works this way,” or “This is how we do it,” I find myself wanting to ask “Why?”

Unfortunately, I haven’t been here long enough or proven myself enough to question the way things are done.  That’s where I see the missed opportunities for business.  When the, “Whys?” get drowned out by someone’s nervousness, opportunities are missed.

When we stop asking why, we’ll probably end up asking where…as in, “Where did all my customers go?”

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The Power of Why

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