The Number One Problem with Business Is…


Now, I know that this meme….theme…meme has been done to death, but it’s been rattling around in my brain, so for the two of you that may read this, you can deal with it.

Why, when we enter the walls of a business do we have to stop being people?  Why, when the heart and soul of a business is the people, do we all have to put on the facade of “business person.”  (Incidentally, even there it’s business person!)

I think that in business, people get too scared to act like people.  Companies have to “talk properly” worry about how public perception is, etc.  In turn, customers tend to try to “step up” and match the speech patterns and customs of the business.  Why? 

Hugh sums this up very well.

I just can’t get past the disconnect between company and consumer.  We inside the walls of the company talk to each other like people.  People outside the company talk to each other like people.  But connect the customer and the company and everything changes.  The companies that are already the most successful are those that treat and interact with their customers like the people they are.  This won’t change…it’ll only get more widespread.

A great example is Kathy Sierra’s post today.  Now, if you are reading this and not Kathy Sierra’s blog…well, that’s very unlikely.  Anyway, she touches on something that I know bothers me and I think goes to this same end.  Treating potential customers as kings and queens and current customers like jesters.  Cell phone companies are the worst and this, but most companies have a bit of this ingrained in how they do business. 

I think we need to start treating people like people and start treating people who have rewarded us with their attention, money or loyalty as “super people” and court them as such. 

The thing that gets me is that the things in our personal life that drive each of us up a wall when we interact with a business are often the very same things we do day in and day out to our customers.

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The Number One Problem with Business Is…

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