John Dodds at Make Marketing History had a thought-provoking post today.

Basically, he’s discussing the “content is king” meme (or theme?  Joe? Neville?)

He contends that content is more important than distribution channels…but.  But, you have to still have some decent context.

Now, this is an elementary summary of his post, I know…so be sure to read his.  My thoughts are in line with his though.  I think some people have taken the “content is king” thought too far and have swung the pendulum to an extreme of content at the expense of context. 

I know from my experience, I could visit a website, get a magazine, etc and the content could be great, but if I have to struggle to find the content, it looks like a 4 year old designed it, or a number of other things…I’m gone.  I think that great content should drive great context.  They need to work together, for many reasons. 

Some people may be on a fringe of actually being your “desired reader.”  They could end up being a great client, connection, friend, but if they are turned off by the look or feel they get from your blog, book, magazine or whatever, you may miss that opportunity.

How did people used to know who the King was?  By the context.  If they saw someone in rags drinking out of the gutter, they probably wouldn’t have thought of the person as a King (well, except in one instance).  But, when they saw the king in his robes, wearing a crown, sitting on a throne, surrounded by servants…they knew he was King.

It’s important that we don’t crown the content king at the expense of the context.

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