Can we be TOO Niche?

I know the mantra of, “Create a unique product for a very specialized market to be successful.”

I agree.  If you are very specific about what you make and who you make it for, then you can be sure to generally be talking only to those people who are truly your prospective customers.

My question is:  Can we get TOO niche, TOO specialized?

As I think it through to conclusion, it seems possible that by being specialized, it will be possible to exhaust the market for your specialized product.  At that point, do you adjust what you do to appeal to more people?  Does that hurt the specialization brand you have built?

I’m trying to think through the possibilities of if there is a potential of “running out of customers.”

I’m not sure that there is because there’s always room to evolve, change and grow.

But getting there is pretty scary.

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Can we be TOO Niche?

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